Golden Healing Products
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Our Company

Golden Healing Products is a skin & hair care company in operation for over 10 years and has sold thousands of products. Our customers  report great satisfaction from using our 100% all natural products.

Our secret is our unique formulas. Many of the products found on the market today have a high chemical content or only a minute amount of herbs. Golden Healing Products give exceptional results that’s filled with love and compassion for your hair and skin. 

About Our Founder

Sabrina Peterson is founder and CEO of Golden Healing Products. She has lived in New York, Paris, London and Rome. She now resides in Los Angeles, California. She is the mother of two adult children a son and an outgoing daughter. Her son was diagnosed with a cellular disorder when he was six years of age and Sabrina realized traditional medicine was not the answer. She was forced to look elsewhere, and holistic alternative herbs were the only option. Which lead to the creation of Golden Healing Products.

It is Sabrina's belief that "herbs will change your life the way nature intended. As a women and mother we are healers naturally not trained doctors getting back into nature and back into the kitchen will help prevent us and our families from all the sickness and health problems that we have today."
Sabrina Peterson, CEO/Creator of Golden Healing Products